Seasons / Weather

One of the most common questions we get is what will the weather be like in a specific month. After many years and a lot of time in the mountains, what we can tell you is we have no idea!

New Zealand weather is well-known for having ‘four seasons in a day’ and in an alpine environment especially, weather can be unpredictable. We’ve seen snowfalls in Queenstown during the height of summer in February and warm, calm days in the middle of winter.

Not only that, weather, wind, cloud and light conditions are constantly changing in the mountains. The beauty of all our locations is that they look completely different on every flight. Our best advice when choosing what time to elope to Queenstown is to plan around the best time that suits you for a holiday, be prepared for anything and make sure you have some back-up days available.

Click on the thumbnails for more info on each months expected and potential weather.

Summer (Dec, Jan, Feb)

Queenstown is typically hot with temperatures in the high 20s or mid 30 degrees.  Bring your sunscreen! The sun is high with bright sun and long days. Late afternoon and early evening wind and low cloud can form on the mountains.