Sunshine Is..

Scott and Melissa are Sunshine Weddings – a pretty down-to-earth husband and wife Queenstown wedding planner and photography team.

We have more than 10 years experience photographing, filming and planning weddings in Queenstown. Sunshine Weddings – Elopements is exclusively for small, couple-only intimate weddings. We believe in forming genuine connections with people: taking the time to make all our couples feel like part of the Sunshine family. Our weddings are full of heart, humour, incredible landscapes and lots of care and attention.

Photographer and Videographer

Hi, I’m Scott the photographer/videographer half of Sunshine Weddings. I’m an Aussie, husband and very proud dad of a 6 year old who is happy for me to dye her hair blue every now and again, helps me cook, tries to beat me mountain biking and makes us laugh every day.

I started with cameras way back when I was throwing myself out of planes for a living and filming people doing it as a professional skydiver instructor and camera operator. My wife is quite happy I no longer do that, but I still love being behind a camera, capturing nervous people about to take a leap and helping them feel good about it. For me, shooting elopements and weddings with just a couple gives me the chance to really connect with people. From there it’s a short jump to translating that connection to a moment and then to an image. The style of photography I love is candid, natural and real – real moments, lots of laughter and relaxed, happy people.

Planner (and other stuff)

I’m Melissa, the organiser, designer and post-production half of Sunshine. While my talented husband photographs and films our weddings I do a lot of the behind the scenes work. We also own and run a gallery called The Good Studio which doubles as my office. So I get to plan your wedding surrounded by lots of beautiful art. 🙂

I’ve been lucky enough to always work in creative industries with a background as a photographer, designer, publisher and illustrator. And it all comes in pretty handy now. Whether designing our website(s), writing an email without too many typos, teaching our 6-year old Photoshop (she’s pretty good!) or simply knowing what Scott needs to take great photos and creating a perfect wedding day to help make it happen.

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