Sunshine Is..

Sunshine Weddings is just two people, Scott and Melissa, a pretty down-to-earth husband and wife team. We are both photographers and film-makers, artists and designers and elopement wedding planners! We’re also a mum and dad, Aussie and Kiwi.

After many years living in Wanaka we now live a bit out of Queenstown in a quiet, tiny seaside town with our 7 year old Nina and two scruffy dogs, Super and Pixie. The kind of place where heavy traffic is a couple of horses, Nina’s school has 60 pupils, everyone has a massive vege garden and life is really about the simple things.

Sunshine is wholeheartedly a family business and our couples become part of the Sunshine family too. We feel so lucky to work together and become a part of your memories of a Big Life Moment. Both of us have been working in the Queenstown wedding industry for over 12 years so know what we’re doing. But we also know that sometimes, it’s the little intangibles that make a wedding day truly special.

Our weddings are full of heart, humour, incredible landscapes and lots of care and attention.

Scott – Sunshine Photographer and Videographer

Scott is our Sunshine photographer and takes all our beautiful images capturing epic moments and scenery. He’s also a master at the relaxed, happy vibe and will make even the most camera shy look and feel great. He started with photography and video way back, throwing himself out of planes for a living as a professional skydive instructor and camera op. Scott’s style of photography is candid, natural and real – real moments, lots of laughter and relaxed, happy people.

Melissa – Sunshine Organiser (and other stuff)

Melissa is the office master and will be the one to answer your emails, organises everyone (including Scott), does all our photo editing and websites. We also own and run a gallery in our home town which doubles as the office (filled with lots of beautiful New Zealand art.)

She’s a qualified graphic designer and has worked as a creative director, publisher, photographer and illustrator and still does most of those things today!