March Mountain Weddings

Expected March weather: March is the beginning of Autumn with a discernible change in the air. Temperatures can still be hot, especially at the beginning of the month although early mornings and evenings can get cold. The sun is starting to lower in the sky. By late March the light changes and is softer with less harsh shadows.

Earnslaw Burn waterfalls are still flowing with run-off from the glacier and alpine lakes still melted. Towards the end of the month, classic Autumn colours are appearing in Queenstown as the trees start to change colour. Autumn weather can often be more settled and temperatures cooling from the heat of summer.

Potential weather: March can be a mixed bag with a wide variety of weather conditions possible. There is a potential for cold days and like any month days can be cloudy with high winds and rain systems coming through. It is less likely to see snow fall on surrounding mountains but random, short-lived events can still happen.

1st March Sunrise 7.20am / Sunset 8.30pm approx