June Mountain Weddings

Expected June weather: The first month of winter seems to come with a bang. June temperatures take a dive and it’s cold, often with biting wind. On calm days there is potential for an inversion cloud to hang over the township and low on surrounding mountains giving icy, damp and foggy conditions. Some years there are plenty of snow events in June and the ski fields are happy, other years snow doesn’t start properly falling till later in the month and sometimes even July. Snow on the ground in Queenstown is less common at this time of year but still can happen. Make sure to stay in Queenstown for a few days for winter weddings to give yourselves plenty of back-up days as snow events and wild weather may last for a few days and affect flights. The shortest day of the year is on the 21st June.

Potential weather: Like any month, any weather conditions are possible. June has the potential for an inversion cloud to settle and stay for several days which can affect flying to some locations. There could be significant snow events bringing snow to low levels, or it may be mild with the white stuff a little harder to find.

1st June Sunrise 8.15am / Sunset 5.10pm approx