July Mountain Weddings

Expected July weather: July is when the ski season is fully up and running and Queenstown is in winter mode. Days are cold and crisp but settled days with blue skies and lots of sunshine are the goal. Inversion clouds are less common and the snow level on the mountain landings is building up. There won’t be as many waterfalls at Earnslaw Burn as everything freezes (although it’s still awe-inspiring). The small alpine lakes like Lake Isobel and Lake Erskine have frozen over.

Potential weather: Like any month, any weather conditions are possible. July can be very icy and some of the steep-hills around Queenstown township are unable to be driven on without a 4wd. Snowstorms are common and snow can fall on the ground in Queenstown township, although it doesn’t often stay for long.

1st July Sunrise 8.25am / Sunset 5.15pm approx