February Mountain Weddings

Expected February weather: February is the height of summer in Queenstown with hot days and high temperatures. The hottest part of the day is typically around 4-5pm. The sun is still high in the sky with long days. Earnslaw Burn waterfalls will be in full flow with melting run-off from the glacier. Grasses and tussocky areas will be dry with classic Central Otago shades of gold. Alpine lakes are flowing and full of water.

Potential weather: It can be quite common for late afternoon winds and low cloud to form in the mountains late afternoon or early evening. Like any month days can be cloudy with high winds and rain systems coming through. Weather can be volatile so long-range forecasts change constantly. Wind chill on the mountain can still produce cold temperatures. Occasional cold temperatures can bring short-lived snowfall to some of the surrounding mountains and higher peaks.

1st February Sunrise 6.40am / Sunset 9.15pm approx